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2014 Fun

Posted by: Frances

July 14th, 2014 >> Cooking, Crafts, Outdoor Activities, Travel, Workout

Since my last post, I have been doing lots of DIY projects, traveling, and adopted a new puppy.

Just a few of the things I have done…  I built a shelving unit and an entertainment center for our living out of an old barn window and pallets.  It turned out gorgeous and made our living room fell light and cozy.  I also made a wreath for the front door of the house.

B Wreath

Entertainment Center I made 2014


Matt and I went to San Clemente, CA for a relaxing afternoon one weekend in March.  We enjoyed our lunch at the seafood restaurant on the pier and strolled the beach in the beautiful weather.

San Clemente Beach Yummy crab, Matt and I (5)

I started working out with Zuzana at  Love her workouts.  They are only 12-18 minutes long and totally make me sweat.  It makes me feel great!

Matt and I spent our 2nd Wedding Anniversary (April 7) in San Diego, CA.  We had an amazing dinner at Lou & Mickey’s!  It was incredible!  We also went to the San Diego Zoo.  They weather was perfect and we had such a memorable time.  We also had breakfast at Snooze!  Wow, yummy!

Annual Anniversary Pics 2nd Anniversary San Diego, CA (4)

Stone Liberty San Diego, CA

2nd Anniversary San Diego, CA Zoo (28)

Annual Anniversary Pics 2nd Anniversary San Diego, CA (15)

Matt and I took a trip to Flagstaff, AZ in May to adopt our new puppy Molly.  She is a Shar Pei & CattleDog mix that we found at the Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue.  After picking her up, we went over to see the Grand Canyon.  WOW!  It was unbelievable.  We had all the dogs will us (Natasha, Maci, & Molly) and took some fun photos.  Then, on our way home we stop at Grand Canyon Brewery for a bite to eat.

 Grand Canyon Brewery Matt, Molly, Natasha, Maci, and I (13)

Grand Canyon Flagstaff, AZ (29)

Then, in July my sister got married.  Matt and I had a great time at the wedding and took some outrageous photos with everyone.




And now here is is the middle of July already with more fun to come….


Tatting Class

Posted by: Frances

August 28th, 2011 >> Crafts, Sewing

I went to my first tatting class today!  I was very excited to complete a snowflake that inquired many of the different techniques needed to tat. I don’t have a picture of what I made, but I did learn how to do these as well.  I am really enjoying learning this lost art that is slowly being reborn.  The teachers website is   Also, if you knit or sew or do anything that requires a pattern you can find free .pdf books at  it is an awesome website.


Craft Weekend with My Mother and Sister

Posted by: Frances

March 21st, 2011 >> Crafts, Educational

This was such a great weekend of fun times as well as learning a few new crafts.  My mother and sister came to visit this weekend and we had a non-stop full weekend that just ended a few hours ago.  It began on Friday when we went down to Piecemakers Country Store in Costa Mesa, CA.  (  This is a small country style restaurant with arts and crafts for sale.  They also have a variety of classes anyone can take to learn a new craft.  They had some really neat things people made and I ended up getting a few things as well.  After our adventure at Piecemakers, we made our way up to Valencia, CA for a Scrapbooking class.  My sisters good friend was teaching the class.  We spent the entire rest of the evening their and into the night.


On Saturday, we were up to an early start so we could make it down to the Glitterfest in Santa Ana, CA. (  Glitterfest is a festival where a people set up a booth to sell their crafts and homemade items.  That was a very fun show.  I got a really neat terrarium along with some other neat plants.  After Glitterfest, we made our way to downtown Los Angeles to an area that sells tons of fabric and trim and much more.  It is streets of stores that sell everything a sewer could dream of.  The best place we found was Textile Collections.  They offer unbeatable deals on fabric and are on S. Wall St.  Then, we made our way to to the French General for a beading class on making Posies.  (


The two beaded posies and leaves that I made at the class.

Sunday, we woke up late and took it easy.  We all had a nice relaxing brunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  Then, off to the airport we went.

We had some really good laughs and made some fun memories this weekend.  It was really great to see my mom and my sister!  Thank you for coming out and visiting me!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Missing you guys already.


My Lampshade Hat


My Mom and Me!


My Sister and Mom and I

MaryJane’s Stitching Room by MaryJane Butters

Posted by: Frances

March 5th, 2011 >> Crafts, Educational


I finished reading this book and I learned a bunch of things about sewing I did not know.  This book is great for everyday sewing or just to learn how to stitch up a hole.  It also includes information on Tatting with a needle.  I am much more interested in Tatting will shuttles, but I finally got the basics down reading her tutorials in the book.  If you like to sew or want to learn to sew, this is a really good book to help you learn.

Get Rich Organizing by Anne Blumer

Posted by: Frances

February 9th, 2011 >> Crafts, Uncategorized

So last October, I was given the book Get Rich Organizing: The Professional Organizer Survival Guide to Launch, Manage, and Grow a Profitable Business.  I finished reading it and I found it to be extremely informative and detailed.  I felt like she covered everything in her book and not just for an Organizing Business. I felt like this would be a good guide for anyone starting a business to an extent.  At least it would get you on the right track and know what you need to have covered.  Check it out:


Making my 1st Terrarium

Posted by: Frances

January 20th, 2011 >> Crafts, Educational, Outdoor Activities

Matt and I were watching CBS Sunday morning the other day.  They had a special on Terrariums and I was inspired to make one of my own.  So… I ended up making four and Matt made one.  So, come to find out they are quite easy, but require some patience.

Supplies: Gravel or Rocks, Horticulture Charcoal, soil, weed stopper mesh, plants and a container (i.e. fish bowl, or something enclosed)

Step 1: Buy a jar or glass bowl of your choice

Step 2: place about and 1 inch to 2 inches of rocks on the bottom

Step3: cut a piece of the mesh to lay on top of the rock to act as a barrier for the soil to stay above the rocks

Step 4: mix about a cup of charcoal with the soil.  You only want enough so that if you take a handful you can see some of the charcoal mixed in the soil

Step 5: add water to the charcoal/soil mix until it is moist.  You have put too much water if there is water pooling in the bottom of the bowl you are mixing it in.

Step 6: put a very small scarce layer of the charcoal on top of the mesh

Step 7: add the soil on top of the scarce layer of charcoal (about 2 to 3 inches deep)

Step 8: plant your plants into the soil in the order you like

Step 9: Slightly water when completed

Step 10: put on display

These are the ones I have made:





Books and Magazines

Posted by: Frances

January 8th, 2011 >> Cooking, Crafts, Educational

So for Christmas I asked for a bunch of different books and a magazine subscription.  I am really excited about all of them and can’t wait to read them.

Currently I am reading  The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown Absolutely intriguing so far.


I am also reading  MaryJane’s Ideabook Cookbook Lifebook by MaryJane Butters and  MaryJane’s Stitching Room I also have a subscription to her magazine Mary Janes Farm.  I just love these:



I have The Kind Diet By Alicia Silverstone that I have already began reading.  It is interesting and there have been a few things in the book that have really put a spin on my head.  She also has a website blog called


Lastly, I received two of Alice Waters Cookbooks.  One is Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook and the other is The Art of Simple Food.



Sandhya’s Blog

Posted by: Frances

January 20th, 2010 >> Crafts, Educational, Uncategorized

I went to Sandhya’s new blog today: and I loved it.  She has some really cool stuff on there.  For instance this is a great website It has some great ideas, tips, and downloads for both guys and gals.

You should check it out.  Lastly, she posted this jewelry website that has some really beautiful breath taking rings.

jewelry1 jewelry2These are just two of rings.  Beautiful that she posted on her website from

Productive Day…

Posted by: Frances

August 8th, 2009 >> Cooking, Crafts

Well, I have done a bunch of stuff today.  It feels nice.

1. Laundry…  finished!

2. Vacuum… finished!

3. Alter jeans and outfit… finished!

4. Alter car seat cover… finished!

5. Refinish wood frame of a mirror… finished!

6. Refinish sides of hot tub with Walnut stain… drying and have one more coat!

7. Made my toothpaste:  1/2 bar ivory soap grated, 3 Tablespoons of Aluminum free Baking Soda, 3 Tablespoons of Tom’s Mouthwash and add ONE drop of Peppermint to the mouthwash.  Mix all together and store in a small jar.  I use baby food jars.  It makes two baby food jars. (it will keep your teeth so clean you will feel like you just got done at the dentist every time you brush!)

8. Made my Dishwashing Soap: Mix together 4 cups of Borax with a  16oz box of baking soda. Then, fill soap tray full as usual and use White Vinegar for your rinse.  Your dishes will shine!