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December 2010

Posted by: Frances

January 8th, 2011 >> Concerts, Holidays, Movie Mania, Travel

Since Thanksgiving I have done a ton of things.

First, Matt and I attended the Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) The Wall performance at the Staple Center in Los Angeles. We had dinner at the Wolfgang Puck, which was DELICIOUS! The Wall performance was really interesting and parts of it were kind of disturbing. Overall, I enjoyed it though.


Second, Matt and I went hiking at the Chino Hills State Park for hours one afternoon. That was our first time to explore the park near us. It had views of rolling mountains and valleys… gorgeous!


Third, I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Allied Health from Widener University. I am done!!! I am going back to school at Western Governors University for a Forensic Accounting Degree beginning in February. I am very excited and can’t wait to start the program.

Fourth, Matt and I had two weeks off for the holidays. We drove to Austin, and then flew to Asheville, NC. We were very fortunate and were able to see all of our friends and family, exception of one or two people. We had a fantastic time, but it was really cold! Christmas at his mother’s house was quiet and relaxing.  We went to the Gingerbread Competition at Grove Park Inn for an evening that ended us up in a dual piano bar.  The Gingerbread houses were amazing.  (My favorite is below)  They had all kinds of Christmas trees decorated and displayed that were beautiful.


Next, we flew back to Austin on the 23rd for Christmas with my family and friends. Christmas was crazy, but lots of good food and fun. We went to see Tron at the Texas State Museum Imax in 3D. It was OUTSTANDING!!! I really enjoyed the movie and was very excited to see Disney do such a great job. We also went to the Alamo Drafthouse on 6th St for the Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long. That was full of fun and laughs!

New Years was quiet at home in California and I played with all my new gadgets from Christmas. As always, I watched the New York Ball Drop too.

Here is to a new year full of new experiences and lots of fun and adventure….

In the Meantime & HURT LOCKER

Posted by: Frances

July 31st, 2010 >> Educational, Movie Mania

Since my last post I have been really busy with a number of things.  I have been working more hours at work to earn some extra money to play and trying to keep afloat with my school work.  I am making an A in both of my classes and I am very excited I only have two more weeks left in the summer session.  Then, one more class to take in the Fall and I will have earned a Bachelor’s in Allied Health from Widener University.

I have been playing catch up with the chores around the house, brushing and bathing my three dogs, and buying a few new pieces of clothing and jewelry to add to my collection.   I needed some fashion updating, but just a hint of it.

In addition, I have been trying to narrow down the junk accumulating in my house and get rid of a bunch of unnecessary things.  So far I have a pretty big stack of belongings to hopefully sell in a future garage sale.

I have also watched a few movies, one in particular is Hurt Locker.  I really enjoyed this movie.  It was very predictable in my opinion, but it was incredibly well done.  It makes you feel like you are actually there and I love movies that suck you in like that.


Sherlock Holmes

Posted by: Frances

July 9th, 2010 >> Movie Mania

So, it took Matt and I three times to finally watch Sherlock Holmes.  The first time we saw an hour and was exhausted, then watched the first hour again the next night and was exhausted.  Finally, we watched the entire movie.  I have to say it was a good movie, but unusual.  I found it hard to follow exactly what was going on at first, but then all came together.  I loved the mystery in it and the clues.


The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Posted by: Frances

June 29th, 2010 >> Movie Mania

The other night I watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with Heath Ledger.  This was the last movie that he made before he passed away.  I thought this movie was very different and original in many ways.  I have not ever seen a movie like this one.  At first it was hard to follow because of how bizarre it is.  If you want to see something completely off the charts different this is the movie to see.


Where the Wild Things Are

Posted by: Frances

June 23rd, 2010 >> Movie Mania

So… I watched Where the Wild Things Are and I HATED it! I mean really, the beginning of the movie was awful! The little boy was terrible and acted like he had a personality disorder throughout the entire movie.  I do not think this was a good movie for a child to see and if I had children they sure as hell would not be watching it.  It also had some really bad examples of parenting.  For example, you run away and come back to be welcomed in with some chocolate cake.  NOT!


Legion & The Men Who Stare At Goats & Monsters vs. Aliens

Posted by: Frances

June 16th, 2010 >> Movie Mania

Legion was an alright movie.  I thought it was a really short story that was drawn out into a long movie with lots of fluff.  I was not impressed although some of the fight scenes were pretty good.  This movie is not exactly one of my favorites and neither is  The Men Who Stare At Goats.  This movie could not keep my attention.  I thought it was cheesy and not very interesting.



I also saw Monsters vs. Aliens and thought it was a cute movie.  I enjoyed watching it and Susan Murphy reminded me a little of myself throughout the movie.  Good movie for kids in that it reminds people to keep an open mind in life and not to be judgmental.


The Right Stuff & The A-Team

Posted by: Frances

June 11th, 2010 >> Movie Mania

This week I watched The Right Stuff and I loved it.  The entire story was very educational and it kept my attention the whole movie.   The flying scenes were sweet!!! If you do not know the history of how we made it to space, this is a great movie to watch.  All the characters were outstanding.


I also saw The A-Team and I think it was one of the best action movies I have seen in awhile.  I originally thought it was going to be cheesy, but it turned out to be really good.  If you watched the show when you were a kid, I recommend watching this movie.

The Blind Side

Posted by: Frances

June 7th, 2010 >> Movie Mania

I watched the The Blind Side yesterday and it was fantastic!  I thought it was a terrific story and Sandra Bullock did a great job.  S.J. was definitely my favorite character in the movie because he had so much pizazz.  I highly recommend watching this movie.


Idiocracy, Food Inc., & Crazy Heart

Posted by: Frances

June 2nd, 2010 >> Movie Mania

Idiocracy was so bad I watch 45 minutes and turned it off.  It was awful and a waste of my time to watch.  I was very disappointed!  Luke Wilson can do so much better!


Food Inc. was not very good either.  I thought the movie was somewhat educational, but to many missing links since so many people chose not to be interviewed.  I watched about 3/4 of this movie and turned it off.  It became very monotonous as it continued towards the end.


Crazy Heart was not to bad.  I enjoyed it very much.  I think you have to be a fan of the music though if you really want to enjoy it.  Jeff Bridges earned that Oscar for sure!  He did a great performance throughout the entire movie.  If you like fast pace movies, this is not for you.


Up in the Air

Posted by: Frances

May 7th, 2010 >> Movie Mania

I finally saw the movie Up in the Air with George Clooney.  I really enjoyed this movie.  It was not traditional or your classic love story.  I laughed some and saw a different perspective on a few things I never thought about.  It is about two people that work for a company to lay-off employees by traveling all over the United States.  If you like George Clooney, I think you will like this movie.