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Colorado Springs, CO May 19 – May 22, 2011

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May 23rd, 2011 >> Travel

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On Thursday, Matt and I flew to Colorado Springs, CO.  I have never been there before and Matt has been going there since he was a kid.  His grandfather owns a cabin up there that we were fortunate enough to stay in while we were there.  Upon arriving we went straight over to visit with his Grandfather.  After our visit with him, we then had dinner at the Olive Garden.  It was delicious as always and the manager gave us some suggestions of where else to go.  Then, we headed up to the cabin in Green Mountain Falls to get settled in before heading out again to Bristol Brewing and the Blue Star Restaurant.  Bristol Brewing is a local brewery and Matt loved there Compass IPA beer.  Next, we headed to the liquor store for a nice bottle of wine from Priorat, Spain and a pack of beer.  We also ended up at Walmart to get food for the next few days and some movies.  After arriving back at the cabin, we poured some wine, opened a beer and popped in the movie Love and Other Drugs.  We stayed up all night and had a blast.  The movie was excellent!!!


Arriving in Colorado Springs, CO

Pikes Peak


Frances, Art (Granddad), Matt


Bristol Brewing Co. Compass IPA

On Friday, we went to visit with his Grandfather again, then headed to Garden of the Gods.  This was a really neat place.  I told Matt it looked like the Earth just decided to spit out some red splinters.  We hiked along the trail and took some fun rock climbing pictures.


Garden of the Gods


Holding up the rock


More Garden of the Gods

Then, we headed to Manitou Springs for some lunch and a stroll downtown.  This was really nice and relaxing.  I just loved this little town.  It is at surrounded by mountains almost in the valley with lots of foothills.

On Saturday May 21, the weather was so gorgeous!   Pike’s Peak was very visible and covered in snow.  We made our way over to see Matt’s Grandfather for the last time during our visit.  Then, we drove out to 11-mile canyon.  It was so gorgeous!!!!  It literally is an 11-mile canyon with a river running thru it.  We stopped at the last campsite area and climbed our way up the rocks to the first highest point and enjoyed the view.  Then, we decided to climb our way up to the second highest point.  On our way up there were rocks forming a stairway up to the top that was very neat.  After getting to the top and enjoying the view of miles and miles of land, Matt proposed to me.  It was totally romantic and caught me completely off guard.  We enjoyed them moment and took lots of pictures, then headed back towards the cabin.  We stopped at a Walmart on the way back and sat in the parking lot to call everyone.  We sat there for over an hour and a half calling everyone, it was hilarious.  Finally, we made it dinner in Manitou Springs at the Stage Coach Inn.  The food was EXCELLENT and so was the wine and beer!


11-Mile Canyon


11-Mile Canyon

May 3, 2011 Out with Jackie to Hollywood Blvd & Los Angeles Farmers Market

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May 23rd, 2011 >> Outdoor Activities, Travel

Jackie was in town on business and we hung out for a few nights after work while she was here.  We made our way to Hollywood Blvd first thing.  We took a lot of fun pictures with many of the famous Hollywood stars.  It was really neat because as we were walking back to the car we saw a star for Frances and then one for Harriet and two down from that Jackie and one down from that Jerry.  It was almost the whole family right there all together.  Ironic.  Here are just a few of the fun pictures we took:


The Chinese Theater


Mickey Mouse


Jackie & I (Sisters)



The next day we went to the Los Angeles Farmers Market.  It was like no other farmers market I had been to.  It was huge!!! We bought all kinds of food to try and I bought some different teas to try and even a really cool tea cup.  This was a lot of fun and a place I will definitely revisit.

Weekend April 30th Tammy visits (Greenville Neighbor)

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May 23rd, 2011 >> Outdoor Activities, Travel

So this weekend, Tammy my neighbor from Greenville, SC came to visit in California.  While she was here she and I went to the Los Angeles Zoo on Saturday.  It was kind of hot outside with a slight breeze and there were a ton of people and kids there.  It took forever to find a parking spot.  Once we finally got inside the zoo, we had a really good time.  There were a couple of exhibits that were under construction and some of them were quite small for the animals.  She really loved the chimps and I really loved the giraffes as always.


Tammy and I at the Los Angeles Zoo


Me and the Giraffes

On Sunday, Matt, Tammy and I met up with my sister and drove up to Zuma Beach.  I have had so many recommendations from people here in California to go to this beach.  It is said to be the most beautiful and least crowded and located north of Malibu.  It was everything everyone said.  We had lunch a restaurant right down the road between Malibu and Zuma overlooking the water.


My sister Jackie and I


On our way to the restaurant for lunch


The beach


Matt and I goofing off