Bell Mountain & Triple Falls at Dupont Forest

Posted by: Frances

June 7th, 2010 >> Outdoor Activities

This weekend a few of us went to Bell Mountain in Hiawassee, GA.  There is a paragliding launch site at the top that is gorgeous!  It used to be a quartz mine and has rose, yellow, and black quartz everywhere.  The road to the top is a forest road that is in HORRIBLE condition.  I still can’t believe people could drive all the way up it.  There are 2 1/2 foot deep snakelike trenches the entire way up.  We did have an opportunity to watch a tandem paraglide flight.  They actually had to stop in the middle of launching because there was a knot in the line.  That was scary.

Here are some pictures from the top of Bell Mountain.  On one side at the top you look out a a group of lakes and mountains in the background and on the other side is just rolling mountains.  There is quartz rock all over the top and there is spray paint all over them.





Then, a few of us went to Triple Falls in Dupont Forest.  Wow, the falls are beautiful and very entrancing.  We took the dogs with us and that was interesting.  Natasha does not like the water at all.  I pulled her into the water and got her out on a rock in the middle of the river and she just stood there.  Then, when it was time to go back to the shore I tried to get her to swim back over and she refused!  Literally!  I called her repeatedly and she just stood there looking at me.  Finally, Matt gave her a good pull and she swam back to the shore.  It was very entertaining though and we tried for about 10 minutes to get her to swim back.  I think I am convinced she HATES the water, but I love her.



Then, on our way out we stopped at Bald Mountain that overlooks Table Rock.


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