1st Boat Tow Hang Glide Lesson this year!!!

Posted by: Frances

June 13th, 2010 >> Hang Gliding

I went out to Lake Norman in Charlotte, NC and met Ben Burril.  It was early morning and the wind was very light with scattered clouds.  It was really hot though!  I was towed up four different times and got a total of about 10-15 minutes of airtime, which is great for me!  I was flying a Gemini glider that is way too big for me, but works.

The first flight I was able to get about half way across the lake and then came down.  That was the longest I have flown boat towing yet!  I was really excited.  I finally figured out how to shift my body weight to control the direction of the glider, but I was over compensating.

The second flight I flew the ENTIRE way across the lake!!! WOW, I was totally stoked! I made it!  I did much better this flight, but was only leading with my feet and was forgetting to move my shoulders too.
My third and fourth flights were about half way across the lake again and I started to get tired so it was time to call it quits.

I had a great day out there and was taught a bunch of new things.  LOTS of progress for me! Yea!!


Me hooking in!


Getting the lines straight to fly!



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