Santa Barbara, CA Weekend

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February 7th, 2011 >> Hang Gliding, Outdoor Activities, Travel

This weekend Matt and I went to Santa Barbara, CA to see Zac, Hang Glide, and hang out at the beach.  On Saturday, Matt and Zac both flew from “The Eliminator” launch site.  I brought the dogs with us and walked them all over.  The view from the launch is so beautiful!  I can’t even imagine how beautiful it was for Matt and Zac as they flew.


Standing on “The Eliminator” Launch Site

The next adventure after the two of them finished their awesome flights, we headed to Hendry’s Beach with the dogs.  That was fun and relaxing.  We walked up and down the beach as the dogs played.  We also got to see an amazing sunset.


Me at Hendry’s Beach


Matt and I

One of the other neat things I saw at the beach besides the gorgeous sunset, are ladybugs.  They are everywhere.  That was very unusual for me to see.


The Ladybug

After they both enjoyed their flights and the beach, we went to the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company for some dinner.  We ordered the 3 lb Local Rock Crab Special.  The crab was still all together when it was served.  Then, I was taught how to properly crack the crab to get to the meat.  Needless to say, we made a mess.  It was very good and there was definitely some excitement in it for me.


Santa Barbara Shellfish Company


The Crab

On Sunday, the guys went up to fly again and attempt to fly to East Beach.  It was a gorgeous day.  I wondered East Beach with the dogs the majority of the afternoon.  It was very relaxing.  Very few people were at the beach, which was very nice.  I let the dogs loose to play and enjoyed the sun.


East Beach Santa Barbara, CA


The dogs…

It was a nice weekend and felt like a vacation getaway!  Thanks Zac and Erin!

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