Life in California 6 months later…

Posted by: Frances

February 12th, 2011 >> Uncategorized

So, I have now been in the Los Angeles, CA area for 6 months now.  I have done two travel work assignments and taken some fun weekend trips home and around the area here.  It is very beautiful here much like the Mediterranean.  The weather in the last month has been 40s in the evenings and mornings and 60 to 70 in the afternoons which is a little on the chilly side for me.

I have had some fun adventures so far here and I am excited about the ones the future holds.  I have been able to read some interesting books, finish my Bachelor’s Degree, explore, and travel during this time.  Now, I am narrowing down a school to earn my Master’s Degree and hoping to start in the Summer or Fall of this year.  Once April is here I am also hoping to finally finish my Hang Gliding lessons at last if things work out the way I want them to.

I have to admit that I am a much happier person here than I was back East.  My job here is great, except the part about getting up at 4:40AM!!!  I work with some very nice, respectful people.  (Of course, there are still a few that get on my nerves)  The drive home from work is long and uneventful each day, but it is nice having that time to call and catch up with friends.

Matt and I  are having lots of fun and seeing some really beautiful places!  He seems to be a much more energetic person here too.

I have to say, I have nothing really to complain about except on thing….   I MISS MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!  I hope that each of you come out to visit so I can share some of the really beautiful parts of the United States with you and make some memories.


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