Productive Day…

Posted by: Frances

August 8th, 2009 >> Cooking, Crafts

Well, I have done a bunch of stuff today.  It feels nice.

1. Laundry…  finished!

2. Vacuum… finished!

3. Alter jeans and outfit… finished!

4. Alter car seat cover… finished!

5. Refinish wood frame of a mirror… finished!

6. Refinish sides of hot tub with Walnut stain… drying and have one more coat!

7. Made my toothpaste:  1/2 bar ivory soap grated, 3 Tablespoons of Aluminum free Baking Soda, 3 Tablespoons of Tom’s Mouthwash and add ONE drop of Peppermint to the mouthwash.  Mix all together and store in a small jar.  I use baby food jars.  It makes two baby food jars. (it will keep your teeth so clean you will feel like you just got done at the dentist every time you brush!)

8. Made my Dishwashing Soap: Mix together 4 cups of Borax with a  16oz box of baking soda. Then, fill soap tray full as usual and use White Vinegar for your rinse.  Your dishes will shine!

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