Prince, Chaka Khan, & Sheile E at the Los Angeles Forum

Posted by: Frances

April 24th, 2011 >> Concerts

So over Easter weekend, I went to the Los Angeles Forum to see Prince perform his Welcome 2 America 21 days tour.  I don’t even know where to begin.

First, Chaka Khan was the first to perform and she came out on stage at 8:15pm.  (45 minutes late!  Concert was supposed to start at 7:30pm!)  She was fantastic and energetic and all over the stage.  She sounded just as good as she does on the radio.  I was completely surprised she performed and was the surprised guest.


Second, Sheila E also prefer and she was a knock out.  She looked great and played the hell out of some drums.  She was really entertaining too.

Third, Prince was really really really great!!!  He is an amazing guitarist, performer, dancer, musician, singer, and much more.  He was very energetic and looked like he was loving every minute on stage.  He didn’t look like he was just up there performing, but like he was really enjoying himself.  He was very expressive and a very sexy man on stage!!!  I would go back to see him again, hands down!  I only paid $25 dollars to see him and had great seats.  I must say out of all the things I have paid $25 for, this was buy FAR the best $25 I have EVER spent!  The purpose of his 21 days of tour is to try and save The Los Angeles Forum from closing.  He is a really original and amazing man!  I had soooo much fun!


Matt and I having sooo much fun!



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