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August 23rd, 2011 >> Outdoor Activities, Travel

During my time off, I was able to make it out to Disneyland again.  I have one more day pass to use before October so hopefully I will make it out before it expires.  I went with my friend Amber and we actually went to a few rides neither of us had done or done in a really long time.  We enjoyed climbing through the tight spaces to the top of Tom Sawyer’s island and the fun adventure Roger Rabbit ride in Toon Town.  We took pictures with Minnie Mouse last time and this time we actually got to take pictures with Mickey Mouse.  This place always puts a smile on my face.  We enjoyed an extremely delicious lunch at the French Quarter, New Orleans Restaurant.  We had an amazing salad and a Monte Cristo that melted in your mouth.  Then we ended the afternoon with a delicious cup of ice cream while watching the parade.  There were some very different costume that I just loved.  I am thinking about making one up for Halloween.  Across from where we were sitting there was this adorable little girl dressed up as Minnie Mouse.  She had a huge red lollipop and then her mom showed up with a pickle.  She went straight for the pickle and said forget the lollipop.  She was very entertaining to watch as the parade went on.


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