April 7, 2012 Wedding Day: The fine details

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April 26th, 2012 >> Holidays, Outdoor Activities

So… today is the day Matt Barker and I got married!  We had a 1920s classy glamor style wedding at The Lookout, a lavender farm over looking the valley in Austin, TX.  It was a Saturday and a full moon.  Our colors were that of a Peacock.  We had many details in the wedding that were very sentimental and things we noticed that were interesting.


For instance, we met 4 years and seven months ago on Sept 12, 2007 from today.

My engagement ring Matt gave me was his Grandfather’s Aunts engagement ring date around 1910 to 1920s.  Mine and his wedding bands were made and custom designed out of my Aunt Frances’ gold hook bracelet.  My wedding band also included diamonds that were my Grandmothers and the design was inspired by my Great Grandmother’s wedding band.


We also bought an authentic 1929 Websters Dictionary with the 1920s census in it as well as other important history from that decade.  Guests highlighted words in it to remind us of our day.  I also found an authentic jewelry charm of an April calender from 1920 with the 7th circled on it.

Wedding Decoration 1929 original Dictionary, Frances Tatted bookmark (9)


My bouquet was made of broaches I purchased on ebay as well as broaches given to me by family and friends.


We used postcards for people to sign in as guests on the table with a candy bar and wedding favors.  The wedding favors were homemade by my sister Jackie and were an assortment of jams.  The turquoise tatted ornament attached to the jars were all tatted by me.


We had a solid silver dinner bell made in the late 1920s with a tag on it that said “Ring for a Kiss.”  This is our “Truce Bell”.  It is meant to be kept out in our home and when times get tough, one of us is to ring the bell and remind of us what brought us together in the beginning.


Our appetizers were fruit (but no melon because I don’t like it), cheese, and sausage.  For our meal we had smoked pork tenderloin with a cranberry glaze, parmesan potatoes, green beans, caeser salad with La Madeline’s caesar dressing, stuffed quiche, and manicotti with shredded chicken and alfredo sauce.  We had a blonde, porter, and an IPA home brewed beer from Matt Barker and a buttery chardonnay and a bristol red wine made by my Uncle Bobby.  The cake was a wedding cake with almond creme filling for the top and bottom layers and a chocolate cake with a strawberry filling as the 2nd layer with butter cream icing.  The cake topper was a B for Barker and a South Carolina state groom and a Texas state bride topper.   Everything was made from scratch and was extra extra tasty!!!




My mother made Berit Raines dress, the flower girl.  My sister Jackie’s dress, the matron of honor.  And my new sister in law Laura Barker’s dress.  They are all in 1920 style dresses and beautiful!  I wore my mother’s wedding dress with very few alterations.  It turned out to be breath taking!


We also had a photo booth area with pearls, top hats, bow ties, camisole, headbands, and other props for people to make funny pictures.  This was so much fun and very entertaining.  We got a lot of fun laughs doing this.


To transport the out of town guests to and from the wedding venue, we had an original Austin Trolley.  That was a hit and a lot of fun with a hint of Austin.


Lastly, my mother, sister, Rachel, and many others dedicated a lot of time to make this day the most perfect day and it was more than we could have asked for with tons of details and thought put into each and every decision.

You can also find our story and more wedding pictures at: http://mattfrances.shutterfly.com/

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