Summer 2013

Posted by: Frances

August 18th, 2013 >> Educational, Travel

Well… Since our 1 year anniversary trip in April, I have been quite busy.  Matt and I took a trip to Americus, GA for a Hang Gliding Competition, that was totally fun! 

Then, the studying began for one of four exams for becoming a CPA.  The first exam I am studying for is the Financial section.  It is supposed to be the hardest of them all. 

At the end of July, I was at home (Austin, TX)  taking a break from travel assignments, and spend a few weeks with my family.  I was so incredibly busy, but I was able to at least see some of the most important people to me.  It felt so good to be there!!! My mom took me to Zumba with her and my sister.  I had never tried Zumba and it was fun for sure.  I was also able to go up to Big Spring, TX to watch Matt fly for the last few days of his Hang Gliding Competition.  It was very different not driving for him and made it a very different experience for me.  I was able to hang out with my cousin Jon Mikus for 3 days at his restaurant Red Mesa.  Then, Matt and I headed back to Austin for a fun filled evening dinner with all the family and the dogs. 

Back to studying!  I am taking my test soon and I am determined to pass.  I want this really bad, but I must admit this is very difficult.  I am not confident in my practice test results, but I do think I understand the concepts in the questions.  Keeping my head up and positive.  I can and will do this!

My last contract with Kaiser is completed and I am no longer at that facility.  It is such a relief and I am ready to travel to a different facility for a new assignment.  I am excited! 


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