Asheville Brewgrass Festival

Posted by: Frances

September 20th, 2009 >> Outdoor Activities

The Boys at BrewgrassOn Saturday I went to the Brewgrass Festival in Asheville, NC.  There were 40 breweries featuring 120 different kinds of beer.  I was the designated driver and did not drink.  I had a really great time and took pictures of all the nut heads I was with.  All of my Austin friends that love beer, i.e. Marcus and Libby, should come out next year for the festival.  The day started at 1230pm and we did not end up in bed until 130am, what a great full day of fun filled crazy events and excitement.  matt-and-francesFor instance, a few of the boys decided to do the drunken monkey dance and they all had a war of who can leave the best turtle bites under each others arms.  (Basically titty twisting, but on the under side of the biceps, OUCH!)  Above are some of the boys that came out to the Brewfest!  That night we all went out to dinner and I tried this new dessert.  It was fried oreos with vanilla ice cream covered with caramel and chocolate syrup.  Oh my it was super delicious!! A must try!

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