Team Challenge Hang Gliding Competition

Posted by: Frances

October 19th, 2009 >> Hang Gliding, Outdoor Activities

This was a week long event that took place in Dunlap, TN at the Tennessee Tree Toppers Launch site.  It was all about Hang Gliding and it was a blast.  Although I am not a solo Hang Glider Pilot yet, I was taught so much great information that will help me be a really great Pilot in the future.  They held all kinds of seminars such as learning how to use the GPS to ready the clouds and weather.  There was a wealth of information right at my finger tips because we had some of the most experienced, best, record holding pilots at this meet.  I met an amazing amount of wonderful people that I hope to see again in the future.  I also was able to camp the whole week which was fun and very pleasant to be away from the phone and internet and media and work for that long.  It was so relaxing, but very cold at night!  Below is the Team Challenge Crew:


I also was able to take a flight with Clark Harlow off the new ramp off the mountain that is about 1400ft above the landing zone.  Running off that ramp was very exhilarating.   Also, if you would like to take a soaring tandem Hang Gliding flight with Clark Harlow  go to


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