Elba Washer & Dryer by Fisher & Paykel

Posted by: Frances

January 29th, 2010 >> Educational

I just bought an Elba Washer & Dryer made by Fisher & Paykel.  There are several wonderful things to know about this washer and dryer.

First, it kicks ass because:

It is one of the most energy efficient washer on the market (green).  It uses

  1. less water than a front loader
  2. cleans your clothes more thoroughly than any other
  3. does not beat up your clothes and wear them down
  4. does not burn your clothes
  5. You don’t have to use any special detergent
  6. uses less energy (pays for itself in 18 months!)
  7. quiet
  8. dries your clothes in half the time
  9. AND… they are both together as a set only $870 at Sears Outlet!!

This was too good to be true when I first heard the guy telling me about them.  Then, I watched the demo he gave.  He put a few towels in the washer and poured 3 gallons of water in it.  Turned on the spin cycle…. and wait.  When it was done you couldn’t ring out a drop of water if you tried with everything you got.  It was practically dry and had not even been in the dryer yet.

I HIGHLY recommend making these your next washer and dryer!  I also looked up the reviews on this product and found nothing but  great reviews.  Now is the time to buy though…  the experts say that you should by a washer and dryer before Superbowl weekend because they are the cheapest.  Between Superbowl weekend and August the prices are the highest.  The only other time other than January, is the day after Thanksgiving when the sales are the best.

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